The Clouses
The Clouses
Three weeks before The Clouses recorded their debut album, the husband and wife duo comprised of Kyle and Spencer Clouse, were about to pack their bags and move to Mount Shasta. 2020 had been one heck of a year, especially for Spencer, who had been on the road touring with the legendary Tanya Tucker as her go-to back-up singer. As gigs dried up, and time pressed on, and LIFE moved on, it seemed music was merely a hobby and no longer a profession. Then came a night at a neighbor's house where fate set in. The neighbors, who would become the drummer, bass, and chief engineer, had no part of the duo moving to the mountains. After much debate, and many inebriating beverages, a 4-day session had been booked at Laughing Heart Studios in East Nashville, TN. Without the downfalls of 2020, the many talented touring musicians The Clouses called on would have been on the road and not able to record during the normally lucrative month of August. Thus, the result is an album played on by the best folks they know, which they are lucky enough to call their closest friends. "Poor Mans Rose," The Clouses first single, is the only song on the upcoming album, "Worst House in the Best Part of Town," exclusively written by Kyle Clouse. Keeping originality, truth, and authenticity close to heart, The Clouses will be an act surely to dominate the radio airwaves, both FM and AM, in the upcoming years.

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The Clouses

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