Katie Lyon
Katie Lyon
Katie Lyon's debut album, "No Matter Where You Roam," was released in 2017 in collaboration with Radnor Records. Katie and Nashville producer Bob. E. Baker worked alongside the likes of incredible musicians such as Le Ann Etheridge, Pat McInerney, Cathryn Craig, Brian Willoughby and Reed Pittman. Katie, now a resident of Charleston, South Carolina, has released several tracks, including her latest album, "Some Things Take Time" – a meeting of the minds with producer Caleb Neff of Juniper Records in Cape Coral, Florida. Publication

"Country Queer" and fellow Americana Artist Adeem Bingham said it best: “Katie Lyon writes with the emotional power of an intellectual locked in a daft beach house party. Her new EP, “Some Things Take Time,” is a beautiful little collection of well-produced and well-written songs. Distinctly Americana, the influence of Kacey Musgraves and Jason Isbell is undeniable – though that is not to rob from the originality of her sound. Sonically, “Some Things Take Time” has all the smoky accoutrements of a honky-tonk bar room complete with the silky whine of the pedal steel and all the usual heartache.”

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Katie Lyon

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