Madison Morrison 2023
Madison Morris
Madison Morris is a dynamic artist who, as a singer-songwriter, focuses on bringing his storytelling nature to light over top of an Americana sound.

As a guitarist, he is simply and purposefully genre-defying by being able to marry his tone and style that he has developed over 20 years of practice to anything from country to electronic dance to R&B/hip-hop. Being raised with Texas blues at the helm of his musical influence, Madison focuses on the entire range of the guitar. From soft, clear and articulated leads in his songs like "Woe is Me", to the visceral solo in "Just One More Drink". In other instances, such as in "Angel from Hell", he employs his slide-playing abilities to mimic a motorcycle riding off into the distance.

Madison is also an artist who is committed to demonstrating just how music can unite people and make communities stronger. The song, "We're All Still Here", which he co-wrote with his wife in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian after being displaced from their home and losing so much, dedicates a portion of revenue generated towards efforts for both recovery and rebuilding in their home area of Lee County, Florida.

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